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Principal's Message

Dear Teachers, Parents and Students,
I’m excited and looking forward to working closely with all stakeholders – teachers, students and parents to make an already excellent school even better. Improvement is a never ending process. Strong desire and will to improve makes us alert, open and prepare to welcome new challenges, explore new possibilities and unite for common success and excellence.”
My goal is that everyone that enters our school will feel welcomed, loved and safe.
Please do write to me or meet with prior appointment through PRO. I will appreciate if you may mention the agenda for the meeting in your e-mail so that I may do my homework and resolve, close or follow it up on a positive note at the earliest.
Have a wonderful and exciting school year ahead.

Cinque Terre

Why Should You Choose Us

Average Student Issues

What’s wrong with being “average”? Strictly speaking, nothing. The danger is that the “average” students may settle for lower expectations and poorer performance, doing enough to “get by” without ever reaching their potential.

Motivational Issues

Some students are capable academically, but lack motivation. They fail to turn in homework assignments or to engage in the classroom learning process. Their grades suffer, and their motivation continues to spiral downward.

Study Skills

Some students have not developed the necessary study skills to function effectively in the classroom. They lack organizational and time management skills. They have not developed the study skills that enable them to competently and confidently handle their assignments.

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E-mail: dmis@qatar.net.qa

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Students achieved best grade in math in doha

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Award The Best Schools in Doha

The first Indian Schools to have the honor of getting a 5 year period “Qatar National School Accreditation (QNSA)” guarantees that the system and processes are strongly in place and it is further up to us to add value and take it to the next level of perfection.

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