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Annual Day Theme - COSMICA





The idea of COSMICA is derived from the word cosmic which means immeasurably extended in terms of space or time; the whole universe is characterized by greatness especially in the context, intensity and comprehensiveness. Children from KG to XII are no exception to this in terms of potential, quality and excitement. Annual Day is an opportunity for them to excel in essential life skills of staying happy, staying socially connected, learning new skills such as dance, drama and performance, challenging self, working like a team, enjoying success and celebrations. Advantages are exponential like COSMICA - no one knows how much and to what extent it will inspire and make a child grow. The thought behind the tagline is that every child in his/her first time performance on the mega stage, will feel the greatness of such participation, bringing in confidence and performance like a “SPARKLE” in bits and pieces; the child, who is doing it the second time, will “DAZZLE” with confidence and zeal; and the child, who is doing it annually year after year, will “SHINE” with brilliance and applause. We celebrate our students’ journey from Sparkle to Dazzle and to Shine.