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A well-organised Filed trip can become an excellent opportunity for students to gain knowledge about a variety of new things outside their usual class room environment. The students of Grade 3 were given a golden opportunity to go on a field trip on January 9th, 2017. The students were taken to Museum of Islamic Arts park (MIA park) and everyone felt that the trip was truly an informative and educative opportunity for the participants. The students were highly enthusiastic about the trip and they enjoyed the trip to the fullest. It was a great opportunity for the students to learn about different types of plants, trees and birds. Based on their prior knowledge they tried to identify the plants and birds. Apart from adding to their knowledge about the things they saw in the park, they could also improve their human values like the value of sharing their food with their class mates. They visited the play area of the park and enjoyed various swings and slides. The kids could enjoy and appreciate the scenic beauty of the park. The field trip was indeed a memorable event for the students and the teachers who escorted them to the park.