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The statement of Ann Wigmore given in the picture was the ‘mantra’ for the entire day during a pro-gramme conducted for the students of DMIS by the Ministry of Municipality & Environment on January 16th, 2017. The students of Grade 5 from CBSE and CBSE(i) were the privileged ones to attend the programme on food safety. The topic was presented in a student friendly and transparent manner by Ms. KlaudlynSurma – Health Researcher from the Ministry of Municipality & Environment. The officer gave an educative presentation which focused on various steps in preventing foodborne diseases and discussed hygienic practices useful for our daily life. She discussed some important points on keeping bacteria at bay with the words, check, clean, separate, cook and chill. Students were surprised by the various methods shown to identify bacteria infected unsafe food through real models of food products and samples. The students were keen listeners and also an interactive audience. Booklets and colouring books were distributed to all the participants who were eager to share the news with their friends and family members. The participants pledged a sincere Fight Back in this regard.