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8th May, 2016




Trailing back to the world of reminiscence, we all find the invaluable role our mothers played in our lives. The first word a child learns is ‘mom’, the first smile a child enjoys is of the mother and the cozy warmth and security a child experiences is that of the mother’s. Prompted by the importance of inculcating such a value in the students, DMIS observed this day to honour and cherish the special bond of love between mother and her child on 8th May, 2016.

The mothers of the Tiny Tots of DMIS were invited to the school to participate in various fun filled activities. The celebrations started with the children crowning their mothers with the special crown prepared by them, followed by an appealing song and later on exciting fun games for the mothers. It was a well-thought out event for the mothers and their little ones being together under one roof of fun and enjoyment. The mothers were so excited to perform that it seemed they had a reminiscence of their childhood days.