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24th May, 2016



A special show was organized by the CBSE-i wing of Doha Modern Indian School on May 24, 2016 on the theme, “Theatre in Class”. The assembly was the culmination of the special activity known as “Theatre in Class” conducted for the students of Grades 6 -10 of the CBSE International.


The students of the respective grades presented their skits in their own classrooms earlier this week and the best skits from each class were presented during the morning assembly. The scripts of all the skits were prepared by the students themselves and it was a skilful task indeed. There was great enthusiasm and festivity among the audience as well as the students who staged the skits. The entire programme was a grand success and it was solely due to the hard work and the keen interest shown by the students as individuals and teams. Everyone enjoyed the skits and also learned valuable lessons from them. Congratulations to all our young and budding actors!