Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission of Doha Modern Indian School – Qatar

Our Vision

At Doha Modern Indian School, we share one vision – learn to live. Our vision is open to very rich interpretations – life and learning are one; life is for learning; learning is for life. Our vision is to empower each child to reach within himself/herself and to develop as ‘thinking and critical in thought, courageous and committed in spirit, creative and caring in action’.

In a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning each child receives a diverse education that assists him/her in developing skills to become independent and self-sufficient adults. We envision him to grow into a thinking adult who will succeed, and contribute responsibly to the global community.

Our Mission

Doha Modern Indian School aims to:

Nurture happy, creative, moral citizens who live motivated, fulfilled lives while enriching the lives of others.

Encourage learners to develop their individual talents, critical thinking and technological skills to be global citizens.

Provide a joyful, safe, caring and disciplined environment that promotes growth in wisdom, knowledge and responsible freedom.

The School aims to foster in the students:

Humility and Confidence

Compassion and Ambition

Respect and Curiosity

Tolerance and Vision

Flair and Discipline

Academic Rigour