Teaching Faculties at Doha Modern Indian School

A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others. Our teachers are our wealth.


The excellent staff at DMIS have received their training from India and abroad. They have proven their expertise over many years in academically rigorous and renowned schools.

Our teachers provide a joyful atmosphere and inspire our children to express creatively while learning and acquiring knowledge. Be it within the classroom or outside in the field, the teachers are active participants in the child’s growth. They share an excellent rapport with the children, enfolding the children in their love, care and wisdom.

Teacher training programs and workshops are conducted at frequent intervals where the teachers review and develop their teaching practice under the guidance of the Director, Principal and Senior Management Team. The workshops, which are organized by CBSE help teachers keep abreast with the latest trends in education and enrich their teaching practice here at school. Professional training  sessions are held prior to and at the end of each term.

The Management is committed to providing the students with the best teachers.