DMIS admissions are open to all students. We believe that nothing written will ever replace the reality of a visit. We appreciate parents making an appointment to come and visit us during the school working hours and absorb the vibrancy and excitement that exists in DMIS. The school admission in Doha can be made in person. All the forms can be downloaded from the school official website.


Few points to know about the Indian school admission in Doha –

  • DMIS admission will be granted to Indian students with a valid residence permit and with subject to the number of vacant seats
  • Children from the age of 3 can apply for Doha Modern Indian School admissions
  • Students who are looking for a transfer from a CBSE or recognized English medium school to our school will be admitted at any time during the academic year depending on the availability of the seats in that particular grade
  •  During the transfer, there shouldn’t be more than a months gap between the previous school and joining our school
  • Tests will be taken for DMIS admissions. Kindergarten children will not be having any written tests as such
  • Students will be allowed to take the tests only for the grade they are applicable for
  • While transferring from a different school, a transfer certificate is a must