Principal’s Message

Rakesh Singh Tomar

Rakesh Singh Tomar


It is a matter of great pride and honour for me to be a part of Doha Modern Indian School as Principal. There is no doubt that the school has already created a niche and has marked its presence in Qatar under the compassionate patronage of Mr. Mohamed Taleb Al-Khouri, MD of the Taleb Group of Companies along with its Director of Schools Mr. Jayashankar Pillai.


Being the first among Indian Schools to have the honour of getting a 5 year period “Qatar National School Accreditation (QNSA)” guarantees that the system and processes are strongly in place and it is further up to us to add value and take it to the next level of perfection. Every change offers a new opportunity to introspect, correct, align and strengthen. The school’s vision and mission are the driving force for me to ensure that we follow and strive for it with full honesty, commitment and devotion.


I strongly believe that each new session brings new joy, excitement and anticipation for the many great opportunities. With the summer vacation behind us, now it is time to get back to the business of knowledge sharing, facilitation and mentoring. As the final term begins, I hope you all have come back refreshed, re-energized and enthused with a new vigour to tackle the new tasks ahead; and you are ready to face the range of emotions amongst our students, including excitement, anxiety and possibly disappointment that the summer vacation is over.


Teachers need to understand that they need to be able to change the way they do things from year to year, as the children change. Teachers need to learn to be flexible. Inconsistency in expectations and consequences can lead to dysfunction in the classroom.


I’m excited and looking forward to working closely with all stakeholders – teachers, students and parents to make an already excellent school even better. Improvement is a never ending process. Strong desire and will to improve makes us alert, open and prepare to welcome new challenges, explore new possibilities and unite for common success and excellence.”


My goal is that everyone that enters our school will feel welcomed, loved and safe.


Please do write to me or meet with prior appointment through PRO. I will appreciate if you may mention the agenda for the meeting in your e-mail so that I may do my homework and resolve, close or follow it up on a positive note at the earliest.


Have a wonderful and exciting school year ahead.




Rakesh Singh Tomar