Principal’s Message

Doha Modern Indian School’s Principal Shares Her Message with the Students and Their Parents

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Doha Modern Indian School has been an epitome of academic excellence and student involvement through the years. Looking back at its inception, the institution emerged as the brain child of the Managing Director of Taleb Group of schools, Mr. Mohamed Taleb Al Khouri, judiciously steered by the Director of Schools Mr Jayashankar Pillai.

It gives me immense pride to be the Principal of this elite institution, which has taken up the onus of bringing up Indian Students in Qatar preparing them for the 21st century. The school follows CBSE curriculum. The approach to teaching is innovative, hands on and highly competitive.

Education is not preparation for life, Education is Life itself.

The life skills are a pivotal part of learning which is often rendered through various subjects.

The values, which are the essentials of Vision and Mission, are incorporated in day to day teaching so that they find their seat in the system of the young learners.

As a recognition and acceptance of this effort, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has awarded QNSA Accreditation to DMIS. Such an accolade enforces compliance and adherence to the operational benchmark etched out by the Ministry.

The institution has a family of talented and committed staff, who plan and execute the necessary activities. This becomes a platform for the individual learners to blossom their potential, be it academics, public speaking, art, music or sports. There is a deliberate move to involve more students at all levels.

The honing of life skill starts young at DMIS.

Every institution’s asset is its parents or its stake holders. Being responsible partners in the system, parents play an integral role in shaping children’s lives. At some point, they stand for a similar vision and mission as that of the school. DMIS parents have all along collaborated with the institution, which needs creditable mention.

The institution looks forward to an excellent year ahead in 2019 with promises of good Board results and placements in renowned institutions, exemplary behaviour and academic discipline.