Re – registration forms along with the latest set of documents must be submitted in the month of  January to reserve the seat for the next year. The re-registration date will be announced by the school on the school portal in the second term of the academic year 2022-23. It is important to do the re-registration on time. The students will lose their seat, if they fail to submit their re-registration forms and pay re-registration fee in time and in such case the seat will go to a new student. This is applicable in the use of School Transport also.

In case the child fails to get promoted to the next level, the re-registration form will stand cancelled. It is just intended to ensure that your child will continue and we shall keep a seat reserved for him/her during the next session which is entirely based on his/her performance and promotion recommendation by the academic team, including the Principal.

Please note also that Re-registration is accepted only after the third term fees have been submitted. Only one of the two parents is allowed to make re-registration



  • Required Documents for Re-registration:


  1. Two recent passport size photographs of the student.
  2. Copy of valid passport and Residence permit for both Parent.
  3. Copy of valid passport and Residence permit for Student.
  4. A printed photo of the address plate or, any official document mentioning the address (rent contract, kahramaa bill..)